A. BUCHWALDT @ d.-schofield

Andreas Buchwaldt

« Flat Pack Sans Serif »
20 avril — 15 juin | April 20 — June 15
Atelier Daigneault-Schofield : 2126 Rachel Est

The window installation Flat Pack Sans Serif is a project about design and language. In it Andreas Buchwaldt has created an expandable and collapsible typeface, materialized in printed instructions to build the kinetic alphabet and a 3D realization of one of its characters, a six foot letter “A”. Aesthetically it nods towards Ikea-style design, evident by the guide’s simple line drawings and the sculpture’s economical materials of untreated pinewood and simple metal hardware. In this way Flat Pack Sans Serif is a typeface for the transient and thrifty, those looking to create a home on the quick and on the cheap. It looks as if the letters could be dissembled and reassembled at a moment’s notice, ready to pop up in a new location with a new statement. No doubt inspired by the artist’s own trajectory, bouncing around Canada following career opportunities for the past 10 years. This transitory-type lifestyle seems to be the natural state of the contemporary artist in a world of sessional teaching positions, international residencies and a globalized art market. 

Comparing the exhibition to the tradition of text-based artwork there is a marked difference in function.  Whereas artists often use text to make declarations ranging from political, to mysterious, to ironic; Buchwaldt’s Flat Pack Sans Serif mean’s to say nothing because it is a collection of building blocks not a finished statement.  It is a language waiting for a purpose, a container ready to be filled with meaning. Like the DIY culture that it references the project is an open-source tool.