Man Enough, 2017

« Man Enough »
3 mars — 7 avril | March 3 — April 7

Andrew Moncrief est un artiste émergent qui a grandi sur l’île de Vancouver et qui vit présentement à Montréal. Travaillant principalement en peinture et en dessin, il se sert notamment de la photographie comme fondement de son œuvre surtout figurative. Andrew explore les thèmes de l’identité queer, de la masculinité et de l’idéalisme en mettant l’accent sur le portrait et la figuration.

What does it mean to to be “ man enough ”? The uncertainty around this question is something that I have carried with me as long as I can remember. I believe this stems from never being able to fully comprehend my sexual orientation as a gay man. I have never felt as though I have been able to truly grasp who I am, my identity has always felt like something that evades me; uncertain and shifting never really making sense. While I have never felt that being gay defined who I am as a person I have always felt as though it precluded me in some way from ever fitting into what it really means to be a man.

The impetus for this series of paintings grew out of my interest in the works of the Rococo movement of the 18th century. It was a very decorative and theatrical style with a great deal of focus on the bodies of women. They were portrayed in a way to make them seem frivolous and vain. I have been considering the parallels with contemporary representation of males today.

The women were used in a way to show the social status of their patrons in their best light. Intentionally devoid of political or religious symbolism, portraying a [feminine] ideal, the frivolity and eroticism of its aristocratic patrons. There is a parallel to the way that we curate and disseminate images of ourselves through social media platforms —often to masses of people — projecting a seductive and idealized version of the self. Though, there is an inherent vulnerability that exists in the need for validation, that contradicts the outward projections of strength and virility. I am interested in this “un-reality” and conflating notions of masculinity and vulnerability.

Andrew Moncrief is an emerging artist born and raised on Vancouver Island and presently based out of Montreal. Working predominately in painting and drawing, utilizing photography as the basis of his predominantly figurative oeuvre, Andrew explores themes of queer identity, masculinity and idealism with a focus on portraiture and figuration.